City Takes Steps To Enforce Chicken-Keeping Violations on Augustus Street

The Revere Board of Health held a brief (seven minutes) monthly meeting last Thursday evening (February 22) in the City Council Chamber.

On hand for the session were chairperson Dr. Drew Bunker, fellow board member Dr. Craig Costanza, Director of Public Health Lauren Buck, Health Agent/Director of Inspectional Services (ISD) Michael Wells, and Board of Health Clerk Paula Sepulveda.

Buck presented the Communicable Disease monthly report. She said that there was a significant number of 196 influenza cases and 97 confirmed COVID cases in February.

“We are in respiratory-illness season and it is important for those who are sick to stay home,” said Buck. “Those who have health issues should wear masks.”

Buck also informed the Revere community of the need for blood donations and said there are Red Cross blood drives throughout the year in conjunction with the American Legion. Buck also noted that COVID-19 test kits are available while supplies last in the 311 office, though they have a short expiration date.

 Wells presented the ISD’s monthly report. He said the department issued 36 certificates of fitness and conducted three reinspections, 10 interior complaints, and one reinspection. The food department conducted 23 routine inspections, 10 reinspections, three complaint inspections, two pre-opening inspections, six inspections for temporary food licenses, and one for rodents.

The ISD issued 26 citations for accumulation of litter, trash, and debris, one for placing carts out at the improper time, 202 for improper placement of garbage, and one for snow, ice, or sump pump violation.

The only new business before the board pertained to a summons to appear that had been issued to the owner of the premises at 89 Augustus Street regarding chicken-keeping violations.

Buck said that numerous complaints have been received about chickens roaming in the street, which she said she herself had witnessed, and which are a violation of the city’s health codes.

“We have taken incremental measures up to now before summoning the owner of the property,” said Buck. “However, we have not made any traction. There is a route for keeping chickens legally, but the owner has not complied.”

Wells then detailed the further steps taken by the city, including the issuance of a summons that was served by a constable. However, the person did not appear at the hearing. In the meantime, Wells said the property owner will continue to be fined. 

“We will continue to respond to the residents’ complaints and try with Animal Control to capture the chickens,” said Wells.

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