RMGBRC Hosts the Annual Bocce on the Beach, to Preserve the Past for the Future

Story by Al Terminiello Jr.

Revere has a long and proud history that many may not be aware of, or just take for granted. Either way, this history is important to preserve, as part of it’s historical past and that it may be enjoyed by future generations.

There is a cemetery tucked away on Butler Street in Revere, the only cemetery in Revere as a matter of fact, that needs to be restored and preserved, the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground. This place of rest was established in 1693, and some of Revere’s most prominent citizens of the time are buried there. Deane Winthrop, son of Massachusetts 1st Governor, Lt. Thomas Pratt, builder of Slade’s Spice Mill, and many others including Revolutionary War Heroes as well, Samuel Sprague and the Fighting Parson Philip Payson to name a few. You may recognize these names as streets in Revere, but now to have an insight of where they came from.

The Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Committee (RMBGRC) is a sub-committee of the parent organization, the RSCHP, the Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation, located at 108 Beach Street, home of the “Revere History Museum”.

Revere’s culture of the past and that of the future must be preserved and recorded as events continue to change the course of our lives.

Bocce on the Beach bring much needed revenue to help this cause. This Year on August 14, 2021 at 830 am the whistle will blow and the games will begin. The site, will be on Revere Beach at the Peter McCauley Plaza, at the historic Beach Clock.

The price is $200 per four-man team, limited to 24 teams. This includes a luncheon on the beach, immediately following the presentations to the winners. Corporate sponsorships are also available, call 978-807-0167 or [email protected]  To sign up, with limited space still available, www.rmbgrc.org.

Team colors and Tees are encouraged but not required. Judging and supplies are from “The Joy of Bocce” company and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals are presented, with lunch afterwards.

All this is for a better Revere, past, present and future, no donation to the cause is too small, membership to the RSCHP is encouraged to keep up with rising costs of maintenance of the museum properties.

Be a part of Revere’s future by helping to preserve the past, call 781-286-2226 for more info.

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