Revere Elks Students of the Month

Mimi Tran

Mimi Tran, daughter of Chau Tran and Cam Pham, is a high school senior who is being recognized as the Elk’s Student of the Month by Revere High School faculty. Throughout her four years of high school, Mimi demonstrated her ambitious nature in numerous ways:  She has been an active member of the Chinese Honors Society and National Honors Society, as well as a long time exhibitor at the Multicultural Festival and Student Showcase. She also designed a prototype mobile inventory app for Revere’s Water, Sewer, and Drain Department as a project for her AP Computer Science Principles class, which she plans on continuing in a summer internship at City Hall.

While consumed with extracurricular responsibilities, Mimi dedicates much of her time to study and work. Alongside taking five AP and various Pre-AP and Honors Courses throughout her high school career, she self-studies Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, JavaScript, and Python in her free time. As an underclassman, she was awarded Academic Varsity in addition to Excellence in Foreign Language and English Language Arts. She is also currently part of the top 20 students of her class. Mimi’s efforts in maintaining academic proficiency while balancing extracurricular responsibilities illustrate her resiliency and grit.

She found comfort in Revere High School’s creative and welcoming atmosphere, which helped her to cultivate passions for computer programming and art. In the fall Mimi will be a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, having also been accepted to the institution’s Honors College. She will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with plans to minor in Graphic Design.

Scotty Montefusco

Scotty Montefusco, son of Patrice and Eric Montefusco, a senior at Revere High School who is being recognized as the Elks Teenager of the Month by the faculty at RHS. Scotty has been an active member of RHS sports. He played football his freshman and sophomore year, ran cross country his jr and senior year, played basketball all four years and ran track sophomore and jr year. Scotty has also been a mentor for the freshman class senior year.

Throughout his four years of high school, Scotty has been a role model for athletes of Revere High School. His hard work and dedication for all the sports played off. As a sophomore Scotty won a competition for having the ability to make the most free throws compared to the other players on the basketball team. As for jr year, Scotty won the free throw contest the second year in a row setting a record of 98 made shots out of 100. When senior came along he was named caption for cross country and basketball. Additionally, Scotty won NEC All-star for basketball due to his great sportsmanship and his ability to constantly preserve in order to play the best game he can. When Scotty is not participating in sports, volunteering, or in the classroom, he can be found working. Scotty has maintained a part time job throughout his four years of high school and works for Revere Parks and Recreation during the summer. During this job he teach and introduces kids to new sports and helps them enhance their skills.

Scotty has also given back to the community in numerous ways. He has served as a volunteer at St.Mary’s church and went to numerous events where the basketball team volunteered. As a volunteer, he did anything from helping the church set up for event to cleaning up after the event was over. He even help restored a church in Haiti by taking apart an abandoned church in Lynn and sending what is left to the church across seas. With his basketball team he help serve food as a representative of Revere to elderly or holiday events.

In addition to his extracurricular activities, Scotty tries his best in academics. Although school comes naturally to most students, Scotty has to work extra hard to achieve the grades he aspires to get. With this he stays after all the time and to get the help he needs. Additionally, Scotty wanted to challenge himself, therefore, he worked his way up to take an AP course. Although it is a lot of work and is constantly challenging him, he pushed through his work.

Scotty Montefusco has made his experience of RHS ever-lasting. He loves the teacher and all of his peers. His favorite moment of RHS was doing Mr. RHS and winning prom king his jr year. His out-going fun personality has reminded him everyday to keep on going and strive for what he wants. As of right now he is going to Ana Maria college in hopes of becoming a sports manager.

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