News from the City Council

The following motions were discussed at the Monday, March 11 City Council meeting.

Zoning Sub-Committee Report

4. 19-017 An ordinance further amending the zoning ordinances of the city of revere relative to a nine month moratorium on the granting of special permits for lodging and roominghouses.

5. 19-041 James S. George on behalf of Extenet Systems and AT&T Wireless, Network Building + Consulting, 100 Apollo Dr., Suite 303, Chelmsford, MA 01824 requesting permission from the Revere City Council to install small cell wireless equipment on an existing National Grid wood utility distribution pole at the corner of 116 State Rd. and 4 Unity Ave., Revere, MA 02151.

Legislative Affairs Sub-Committee Report

6. 18-036 An Ordinance Prohibiting the Distribution of Single-Use, Disposable, Plastic Shopping Bags. Public Hearing.

7. 18-159 Motion presented by Councillor McKenna, Councillor Giannino: That the City Clerk be requested to research and draft an ordinance banning plastic straws and stirrers. It was brought to our attention from the DCR, the Revere Beautification Committee, and the Beachmont Improvement Committee that plastic straws and stirrers are the number one items littering Revere Beach. As sand fills the straws, they get buried under the sand. This makes it impossible to remove straws during beach cleanups. Not only are plastic straws detrimental to Revere Beach, but they are environmentally toxic to sea life. Remained in Committee

8. 18-233 An Ordinance Promoting Clean and Health Parks and Designating Such as “Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Weapon Free Zones.” Second Reading.

9. 18-386 Motion presented by Councillor Rotondo: That the City of Revere develop a linkage fee for residential and commercial development. Tabled.

10. 19-030 Motion presented by Councillor Morabito: That the Mayor request the City Solicitor to create an ordinance to include provisions for the maximum local tax option and excise tax on short-term rentals. Voted fav.

11. 19-036 An ordinance relative to certain persons not represented under mgl, chapter 150e, section 10. Voted fav.

12. 19-037 An ordinance further amending an ordinance relative to snow and ice removal on sidewalks. Voted fav.


13. 19-045 Communication from the City Auditor relative to various Free Cash appropriations. Referred to Ways and Means Committee. March 25 at 5 p.m.

14. 19-052 Communication from the Director of Finance as it relates to Free Cash Transfers to the Stabilization Fund, Water & Sewer Stabilization Fund, and Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund in accordance with the Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere.

15. 19-047 Communication from the Mayor relative to the reappointment of Caruso Corporation as Licensed Drain Layer.

16. 19-048 Communication from the Mayor relative to the reappointment of Mercurio Brothers as a Licensed Drain Layer.


17. 19-049 Motion presented by Council Vice-President Keefe: That the City Council go on record as being opposed to House Bill 2007, An Act for no organized head impacts to school children. This bill would prevent children in grade seven or under from playing organized tackle football. Further, that the City Clerk forward a letter of opposition to the State Delegation on behalf of the City Council. Approved.

18. 19-050 Motion presented by Council Vice-President Keefe: That the Mayor request the Police Department to have a permanent detail from 7:15AM to 8:05AM at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and Broadway during school days. When this detail is in place a normal pattern of traffic and safety is established. When this detail is not present there are major issues with traffic flow on Broadway. Approved.

19. 19-051 Motion presented by Council President Guinasso: That the Mayor request Capital Waste to appear before the City Council regarding the handling of trash barrels when emptied by its employees. I have received numerous complaints of barrels being destroyed due to employees throwing them. The City has invested a significant amount of money in these new barrels and neither the City nor its residents should have to bear replacement costs. Approved.

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