The Cutting Edge: Oceanview Kennel Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Revere

 Lisa Cutting is carrying on her late mother’s superlative legacy of kindness and excellent animal care as the owner of the Oceanview Kennel on North Shore Road in Revere.

“My mother [Marion Viveiros] started the business – this was her dream,” said Cutting. “And to be honest, I thought she was crazy when she said she was going to open a kennel. I didn’t even own a dog.”

Two decades after Mrs. Viveiros realized her dream of kennel ownership, Oceanview is celebrating its 20th anniversary, “and because of my mother, we have saved thousands of dogs.”

Like her mother, Cutting has earned the respect and gratitude from not only pet owners, but city leaders in Revere and beyond its borders.

“We [Oceanview] have been the city pound for 13 cities,” said Cutting. “So, we’ve been able to save not only dogs, but cats, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas, ducks, chickens, hens, and doves. I’ve worked with our city [Revere] for 17 years.”

The Dream Continues

Oceanview Kennel founder Marion Viveiros died unexpectedly in September, 2022. She especially enjoyed rescuing dogs and placing them in safe, happy homes.

“I’m carrying her legacy on,” said Cutting. “So many Revere residents depended on my mother for their pet care. I’m so proud of what she did for people and their pets.”

Following her mother’s example, Cutting brings the same high level of attentiveness, energy, and care to each dog under her supervision.

“A dog owner brings their pet overnight if they travel, or for daycare so the dogs can play,” said Cutting. “Dogs need to be socialized. They’re packed. So, when you leave a dog home by itself, they withdraw. I wish humans had friendship bonds and trust like dogs do with their dog friends. Life would be a lot better.”

A Courageous Comeback

Lisa Cutting has faced health issues during the past three years, having been diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

“I battled it for three years,” said Cutting. “This place wouldn’t have stayed running without my daughter [Morgan Burdulis] and son-in-law [Jay Burdulis]. They held down the fort 100 percent.”

Cutting feels much better today. “I have some little side effects from chemotherapy, but I swear my best medicine was Morgan and Jay. They handled a lot and did a great job.”

Helping Her Community

Lisa Cutting has been lauded universally by her clients for going above and beyond for senior pet owners who don’t have access to transportation and other resources.

“If a senior citizen has to bring their dog or cat to the veterinarian, I’ll go and pick their pets up and we’ll provide transportation [free of charge],” said Cutting. “You need to help people and give back to your community, because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the community believing in my mom. Now that we’ve been here and we’re celebrating 20 years, I feel a part of this community. You need to give back.”

Praise from Guarino-Sawaya

Ward 5 resident and community leader Angela Guarino-Sawaya brings her Australian Husky, Mercedes, daily to Oceanview Kennel.

“They were afraid to have me come here because I was so paranoid about leaving my dog,” recalled Guarino-Sawaya. “Lisa put my dog in a room to see how she was going to interact with other dogs. There was a big dog there, and their instant connection was the sweetest thing ever.”

Guarino-Sawaya said Lisa is in a class by herself when it comes to the professional care of animals. “Lisa does a lot for all the dogs in the community. She’s amazing. She goes above and beyond. She has parties for their birthdays, celebrations for every holiday. I can’t say enough about what she does for the community. She’s definitely the voice of Revere for our pets.”

Cutting credits Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo “for giving the kennel the resources it needed to be successful and fighting for the proper tools to become the city’s official pound.”

Rizzo said the respect is mutual and considers Cutting an impactful leader in the community.

“I just can’t tell how important Lisa Cutting and Oceanview Kennel is to our community,” said Rizzo. “The work she does with these vulnerable animals is incredible work, it’s God’s work. This city is a much better place because of her and the way she takes care of these precious animals. She will always have my full support and everything she needs to make sure that all animals, to the extent possible, will be taken care of be cared for.”

The Viveiros/Cutting legacy will continue for many years to come as Morgan Burdulis stands ready to carry on her mother Lisa’s beloved stature in the community and among pet owners on the North Shore.

For Oceanview Kennel is the Cutting Edge.

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