Squire Road Amazon Facility Slated To Open on November 1

By Adam Swift

One of the big questions in the city over the past year, other than everything high school building related, has been when the new Amazon distribution center on Squire Road will open.

Now, it looks like the facility at the former Showcase Cinemas site will open on Nov. 1, just in time for the holiday season.

The building of the new distribution center on the property was first announced following the closing of the movie theater in 2020. It will be the second Amazon facility in the city, joining the delivery station on American Legion Highway.

“We are pleased to finally see commerce and activity in the space,” said Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe. “It’s also important to reassure our residents there are zero plans from Amazon to change course on its Flagship Revere location. Through our conversations this was never a question, and Amazon speaks with my office routinely.

“The property will provide good employment, expanded tax revenue, and be a good community partner, and we are excited to welcome these benefits.”

In the spring, several city councillors expressed concerns that the Squire Road facility was ready for operation but sitting unused.

“Although not a total commitment from Amazon that the Squire Road facility will permanently remain open and in operation beyond the holiday season, this is a start and is a promising step forward given the grim initial outlook that the facility may not have been in operation until possibly 2026,” said Ward Six Councillor Richard Serino. “I am thankful to my colleagues on the City Council who echoed my concerns about a delayed opening to this facility this past spring, and believe the Council’s outcry and advocacy moved the needle to get results.  As the Ward Councillor, though it has been a long road up to this point with regard to this project, I am glad that, at least for the interim, there will not be a vacant building at Copeland Circle, and the City of Revere will be able to begin to realize some of the benefits that were promised to the community by virtue of this project coming to fruition.”

During the spring council meeting, Director of Planning and Community Development Tom Skwierawski said the city expected the facility would be put into service well before 2026. Skwierawski added that the project is actually enhanced by the closure of other, older distribution facilities in the area, and also noted that Amazon owns, rather than leases the property, showing an additional level of commitment that the company has to the city.

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