Councillor Silvestri Receives Several Key Union Endorsements

Special to the Journal

Revere City Councillor At-Large Marc Silvestri has been endorsed by the Laborers Union Local 22, Greater Boston Labor Council, Teamsters Local 25, IBEW Local 103, IBEW Local 2222, Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, and Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 in his bid for re-election ahead of the September 19 preliminary.

“Being a long-time union member and supporter, I’m extremely honored to receive these endorsements. These unions represent tens of thousands of members throughout the Greater Boston area and provide quality job opportunities for Revere residents,” Silvestri said. “Unions are the backbone of our working-class community and essential for providing jobs with livable wages and safe working conditions and contributing to the city’s economic vitality.”

Before joining the US Army, Silvestri was a member of Laborers Local 22 and re-activated his membership when he worked at Revere City Hall. “The Executive Board and members of Local 22 unanimously voted to endorse Councillor Silvestri for re-election as Councillor At-Large for the City of Revere. We are grateful for Marc’s support and commitment to the working men and women community and the construction industry,” said Daniel Ottaviano, Business Manager of Local 22.

As a strong ally for organized labor, Silvestri has walked the picket lines at Stop & Shop alongside members of Local 1445 and recently joined the GBLC at a SAG-AFTA rally in Boston. “Revere is a working-class community, and the quality of life of our residents depends on the quality of our jobs. I will always support organizations that prioritize their workers’ well-being, just as I will continue to prioritize our residents’ well-being and quality of life,” Silvestri said. “I am grateful to have the support and confidence of the hard-working men and women represented by these unions, and I will continue fighting to ensure any large-scale development in Revere is 100% union-built.

During his time on the council, Silvestri has worked hard to support our local economy and explore new economic opportunities for Revere and its residents and remains committed to ensuring our community continues to thrive.

Marc Silvestri is a Revere Councillor City Council At-Large and US Army Veteran with a proven record of dedication and service to our country and community. Marc is running for re-election to continue being a champion for our residents and remains committed to making Revere an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

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