Licensing Commission Told of Plans for Quality Inn To Reopen

The Revere License Commission held its regular meeting last Wednesday, January 18, in the Council Chamber. Chairman Robert Selevitch and member Daniel Occena were on hand for the meeting.

The meeting was routine in nature with the exception of a hearing into the future plans of the Quality Inn at 100 Morris St., which has been closed for almost the past three years since the beginning of the pandemic.

The specific agenda item stated as follows: “Sudguru Hotel, LLC d/b/a Quality Inn, 100 Morris Street, Beth Scherer, Manager, Renewal Hearing: Hearing into business reopening plans and status of building and safety violations.”

Jamin Patel, a principal with Sudguru, and Ms. Scherer appeared before the commission.

“The reason you’re here basically is for us to find out what your intent is with this license,” said Selevitch, who noted that Mr. Patel had appeared before the commission a year ago and said that he would reopen the hotel.

“We have been trying to reopen,” said Patel. However, he said that he has had difficulty finding staff, but now he has found sufficient staff to reopen. He also noted that he has reached out to the various city departments to obtain the necessary permits for reopening.

“We’ve had two walk-throughs with the Fire Dept., Building Dept., and the Board of Health,” said Patel.

However, Occena pointed out, “You’re a-ways away from getting signed off, there are a host of issues and safety concerns that came out of these inspections, and you’ve done nothing since the walkthroughs to address them.”

“We’ve addressed a number of them,” said Patel.

Scherer stated that “95 percent of the work has been done.

“I know the list is extensive, but everything has been done,” Scherer added, noting that burst pipes that had damaged the electrical systems while the hotel was closed during the pandemic had been the source of the problems. “We’re ready to open.”

In response to a question from Selevitch, the pair pointed out that Sudguru operates a large number of hotels in the area and in Florida.

Selevitch read a letter from Ward 6 City Councillor Richard Serino that Serino had sent to the commission.

“I am concerned with the prospect of renewing Quality Inn’s licenses,” said Serino.  “For nearly three years it has not been operating as a hotel while other hotels have resumed their operations post-pandemic and has continued to act in a way that would seem to have no regard for the people of No.Revere.”

Serino further noted that there is “trepidation about the Quality Inn’s long-term goals.”  He also noted that during this past summer, an unauthorized Park and Fly business operated on the premises.

“There are rumors swirling about the hotel’s management goals and speculation that they have opted to move up their renewal for means other than as a hotel,” Serino said.

Scherer responded that finding staff, particularly a qualified property manager, has been difficult.

She also briefly addressed the issue of the City of Boston’s request to use the hotel as housing for that city’s homeless back in 2021 by former Boston Mayor Kim Janey. The hotel had been at the center of controversy when Janey had suggested that the hotel be used to provide temporary housing as a solution for the homeless population in the encampment at the so-called Mass. and Cass intersection.

That prospect blew up in the Boston media and drew the ire of Revere officials, including Mayor Brian Arrigo.

“This is the ‘elephant in the room’, but that is not happening. Our intention is not to do anything behind anyone’s back,” Scherer said, thereby essentially putting the issue and the rumors to rest.

Although the commissioners were satisfied with the management’s avowed intention to reopen as a hotel, Selevitch said that the commission is unable to grant a license at this time time until all of the permits and department sign-offs are completed. He made a motion to table the application until the next meeting, which is February 15, and Occena voted in favor.

Prior to that hearing, the commission addressed two routine matters, both of which they unanimously approved with little discussion.

The first item was an application by Atlantic Auto Body, Inc. for transfer of ownership of a Class 2 Motor Vehicle Dealer license to Ana and Cleison Sarnaglia from Jeffrey Castaldo. The number of cars for sale is to remain at 60.

This matter had been continued from the commission’s December meeting.

Mr. Sarnaglia presented his application to the commission. He said he recently bought both the business operation and the building. He further said the present auto body repair and auto sales shop will remain unchanged.

After Selevitch questioned whether 60 cars can fit on the lot, Sarnaglia pointed out a parking area on the lot. There were no opponents and the commissioners approved the application unanimously.

The second item was an application of Primos Partners, LLC d/b/a Fajita’s Sports Bar & Restaurant, 46 Revere St., Nicolas Portillo, manager, for a change of closing hours to 2 a.m. from 12 a.m.

Mr. Portillo presented the application. He noted that other establishments in the area remain open until 2:00 and said that a lot of his customers have requested that he remain open until 2:00.

Selevitch noted that a neighbor had contacted the commission and stated, “The business has been a very good neighbor.”

There were no opponents and the commissioners unanimously approved the change in hours.

The commission approved the following license renewals for 2023:

Common Victualler:

China Crystal, LLC d/b/a China Crystal, 750 Washington Avenue

Bell Circle Assoc. d/b/a Comfort Inn & Suites, 85 American Legion Highway

Casablanca House of Pastry, Inc. 151 VFW Parkway, Suite 60

Diya, LLC d/b/a Subway, 339 Squire Road

G.F. Enterprise, LLC d/b/a Taco Bell, 339 Squire Road

Hasbegu, Inc. d/b/a Glen’s Roast Beef, 325 Bennett Highway

Ly Roun & Sereypanha Chhoeurng d/b/a 4 Season Boba Tea, 196 Shirley Avenue

Mass. Trips, Inc. d/b/a Esquite, 194 Shirley Avenue

Mass. Trips, Inc. d/b/a Esquite Taqueria, 1148-1150 North Shore Road

Mehrun Islam d/b/a 7-Eleven #34393, 127 Broadway

N. Pizza, Inc. d/b/a Nonni’s Pizza, 750 Washington Avenue

Revere Pancakes, Inc. d/b/a IHOP 4732, 105 Squire Road

Sainte Corp. d/b/a Nick’s Deli, 750 Washington Avenue

Café Montecristo, Inc. d/b/a Montecristo Mexican Grill, 364 Broadway


Café Montecristo, Inc. d/b/a Montecristo Mexican Grill, 364 Broadway

Innholder Hotel:

Bell Circle Assoc. d/b/a Comfort Inn & Suites, 85 American Legion Highway

Parking Lot:

Bell Circle Assoc. d/b/a Comfort Inn & Suites, 85 American Legion Highway Park N Co d/b/a Park N, 44 Railroad Street

Class 1 Motor Vehicle Dealer:

The Bikers Outfitter, Inc., 1039 Broadway

Class 2 Motor Vehicle Dealer;

N.L.R. Corp. d/b/a Nick’s Auto Sales, 141 Lee Burbank Highway Motorcycles of Manchester, Inc., 184 Broadway

Secondhand Dealer:

AC’s Cards & Games, Inc., 348 Revere Street

The next meeting of the commission  is set for February 15.

The commission received one communication, which was as follows:

Notification from the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) of the approval of an application for the transfer of a Malt/Wine Package Store license to Santa Fe Super Market Corp. from Shayona Management, Inc.

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