Keeping a Long Tradition Alive, Becky Coots Lead RHS Powder Puff Team Into Game on Saturday: Revere Hosts Winthrop at Della Russo Stadium

When the Revere High School Powder Puff football team needed a head coach last year, Becky Coots stepped forward to take the volunteer position.

Coots is a 2011 graduate of Revere High School, having excelled at offensive tackle in the 2010 Powder Puff game against Peabody that was won by the Patriots, 21-0.

“If I could choose one thing to do over again from my education, I would do Powder Puff,” said Coots, who played basketball and competed in the discus and shot put for the RHS track team. “Powder Puff was such an amazing experience for me. I don’t want to see the program end. I take a lot of pride in this tradition.”

Coots went on to graduate from Salem State University and, interestingly, is a schoolteacher in Winthrop, the town that she will be coaching against in Saturday’s Powder Puff game at Della Russo Stadium.

Coots began volunteering as a Revere Powder Puff coach in 2014 and had been returning to the team each fall as an assistant. She became head coach for the 2021 game.

Coots succeeds such successful Powder Puff coaches as Dave Colella, Robert Lospennato, Mark Fellowes, and Diana Finn, a former 1,000-point basketball scorer.

She will be assisted by coaches Jason Torreu, Justin Pezzuto, Megan O’Donnell, Lexi Angino,

Hoping to Win the Big Game

Coach Coots has 35 seniors on the team, which is hoping to beat Winthrop and claim the championship trophy in the annual fundraiser for the senior class. Winthrop was victorious last year’s game.

“We’re coming back this year to win,” said Coots. “This is a special group of girls. We started practicing on Oct. 11, and they’re working really hard. Obviously, a win is really important, but no matter what the outcome is Saturday, I’m very proud of these girls.”

Veronica Arrango is the likely starting quarterback for the Revere Patriots. Sabrina Indoratio and Mariah Rogers are other top-rated offensive players. Rogers is one of the team’s fastest runners and will test the Winthrop defense at wide receiver. Another pass-catching standouts are Hana Aklog.

Elaysia Lung is also a “player to watch” in Revere’s strong running game.

The offensive captains are Mariah Rogers, Jasmine Rodriguez, and Arianna Keohane. The defensive captains are Angelina Marin, Aya Elkawakigi, and Francesca Forcellati.

“I really feel confident that we can win this game,” said Coots. “I always tell the girls that on game day you’re always a little anxious on the first few plays, but it’s after those plays when you win the game. It’s a long-time rivalry with Winthrop in all sports. It’s going to be a hard-fought game, and I’m very confident the trophy will end up back in Revere on Saturday.”

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