Mayor Arrigo Visits Whelan School Third Graders

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Whelan School third graders students were treated to a visit from Mayor Brian Arrigo last week. The excited students were able to meet “celebrity” Mayor Arrigo as part of their Social Studies unit on local government.  The Mayor spent an hour with the nearly 140 students answering a variety of questions about his job, his family, and what he would be if he was not Mayor. Mayor Arrigo told the auditorium of “reporters”  he would have most likely taken the career path of a teacher if he were not in politics.

 One question that many students had was what was the hardest part of his job thus far. Arrigo told the students the dealing with the two year pandemic was by far the most challenging part of his job as Mayor the last seven years.  Students broke out into applause when the Mayor talked about enjoying playing video games in his spare time.  Arrigo took to Twitter about his visit to the elementary school of nearly 800 students in grades k-5. “One of the best parts of my  job is when I have the opportunity to talk to our city’s future. Today the students at the Whelan School learned more about my job and what the role of the mayor is. As we all know, civic responsibility and education is pivotal for our students. Their eagerness to ask questions, listen, and learn more about municipal government was exciting for me to see and its moments like this that make me really treasure my job and our city. #reverepride

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