Jack Satter Residents Entitled to Parking Permits

A well-attended meeting of the Traffic Commission last Thursday provided good news for the residents of Jack Satter House.

After some digging by the Traffic Commission through the city’s ordinances, it was announced that Jack Satter residents who have a vehicle registered in the city qualify to obtain a resident parking permit for that vehicle. In addition, all Satter House residents are eligible to obtain visitor and caretaker parking placards.

It was noted that the $10.00 fee for visitor placards is waived for city residents over the age of 65 — which of course, includes all of the Jack Satter House residents.

The parking permits and visitor/caretaker placards will allow for parking by residents and their guests on Oak Island St. and adjacent streets such as Arcadia St.

However, there was a caveat expressed by Zach Babo, the city’s Director of Parking. Babo informed the commission and audience that it was learned that Oak Island St. is under the jurisdiction of the State Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The state historically has allowed the city to regulate the parking on Oak Island St., but DCR officials told the city that although it has no plans at the present time to impose any restrictions, it reserves its right to do so in the future.

The upshot is that what the Traffic Commission giveth to the Jack Satter residents, the DCR could taketh away.

However, for now, the residents of Jack Satter House, some of whom spoke at the meeting, expressed their delight with the announcement by the Traffic Commission and thanked the commissioners for their efforts.

By contrast, the residents of the condominium complex at 1 Carey Circle were informed that the city is unable to provide them with similar relief with regard to visitor placards.

A resident of 1 Carey Circle noted that each condo owner is allotted only one parking space, leaving no place for overnight guests to park. She said that the DCR does not recognize city-issued visitor placards for guests who park on Revere Beach Blvd.

However, the commissioners pointed out that the unavailability of on-street parking for the owners at 1 Carey Circle was well-known at the time of construction of the condo complex.

In another matter on the commission’s agenda, the commission voted in favor of amendments to the parking regulations on certain streets as follows:

Various amendments to the following streets located on Riverside: Archer, Lawson, Wadleigh, Gilbert, Frank, Beckert, Tobin, John, River, Thayer, and Hayes Avenues.

Section 1. Schedule VIII of Title 10 Parking Restrictions Generally is hereby amended by removing the “no parking on both sides” restriction for all streets on the Riverside, excluding Mills Avenue, and provide for parking on one side of those streets. The side of the streets to be designated as “no parking” will be determined by the Traffic Commission.

Section 2. Schedule IX of Title 10 – Resident Parking Streets – Twenty-Four Hour Enforcement is hereby amended by adding all streets on the Riverside, excluding Mills Avenue. The side of the streets to be designated as “24/7 Resident Parking” will be determined by the Traffic Commission.

After the commission voted to approve the amendments, they then voted to designate the 24/7 parking for the northerly side of the streets. No parking will remain in effect on the southerly side.

The commission voted to move a number of items on the agenda to public hearings at its next meeting in October. Those matters included:

Ward 1 Councilor Joanne McKenna’s request that the Traffic Commission amend Schedule IX of Title 10, Resident Parking Streets-Twenty-Four Hour Enforcement by adding: Cross St. for its entire length;

A request from the mayor’s office that the Traffic Commission designate four (4) 24-hour resident-only parking spaces in the Central Avenue Municipal Parking Lot for the residents of Aucella Court and Central Avenue Rear;

A request by the mayor’s office that the Traffic Commission install Stop Signs, facing both directions, on Rice Avenue at the intersections of Delano and Whitin Avenues in an effort to reduce speeding;

A request by the mayor’s office that the Traffic Commission install a Stop Sign on Prospect Avenue going west, at the intersection of Homer Street;

A request presented by Julie DeMauro of the mayor’s office that the Traffic Commission amend Schedule VIII Parking Restrictions Generally by adding: 843 Broadway one-hour parking;

A request from the Commission on Disabilities that the Traffic Commission amend Schedule XI of Title 10 by adding: 13 Henry St., 66 Tedford St., 74 Victoria St., and 104 Harris St.;

Julie DeMauro informed the commission that the MBTA is consolidating its bus stops on Route 411 along Revere St.;

The businesses along Naples Rd. would like to address the commission in regards to the fire lane that was recently installed; and

A request by Councilor Ira Novoselsky that the Traffic Commission remove the angle parking at 1470 North Shore Rd. Novoselsky is requesting parallel parking from Kimball Ave to the end of 1470 North Shore Rd.

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