D’Ambrosio moves toward Senate run

Revere School Committee member Anthony D’Ambrosio has taken several key steps toward running for the State Senate seat in the First Suffolk and Middlesex State district that includes Revere, Winthrop, and parts of Boston and Cambridge.

State Sen. Joseph Boncore of Winthrop is a finalist for a high-level position at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

D’Ambrosio has formalized a state senate committee campaign account with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance and named a campaign treasurer, Ben Martello, who is an expert in campaign compliance.

D’Ambrosio has also hired Chris Keohan, founder and principal of the award-winning consulting firm CK Strategies.

D’Ambrosio has scheduled a campaign fundraiser for July 27 at the Cut 21 restaurant, Revere.

“I’m enthusiastic at the prospect of running for state senate,” said D’Ambrosio. “Should the campaign become a reality, I’ll be focusing all my time and efforts to becoming the next senator for the First Suffolk and Middlesex District. I firmly believe that all candidates in this race should appear on one ballot, and one ballot alone – that’s why I will remove my name as a candidate for Revere School Committee, should the campaign become a reality.”

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