Council Presents Certificate of Appreciation to COVID-19 Community Response Network

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito led the Certificate of Appreciation presentation ceremony that honored the Revere COVID-19 Community Response Network during Monday’s City Council meeting.

“I just want to thank all the members of the Revere COVID-19 Response Network who were involved and networked to help the community,” said Morabito.

Dimple Rana, director of Community Engagement and Healthy Community Initiatives and Revere on the Move and one of the founders of the group with Charlie Guiffrida, accepted the award on behalf of the COVID-19 Response Network.

“We appreciate the recognition, said Rana, speaking on behalf of the Network. “Thank you for this honor.”

In March of 2020, Rana and Giuffrida launched and facilitated the Revere Covid-19 Community Response Network as part of the city’s emergency response efforts. They brought together a community-led response to the pandemic which continues to meet today. The network consists of city of Revere staff, Revere Public School staff, community organizations, faith leaders, business owners, childcare providers, and residents who are organizing COVID-19 outreach and wellness efforts for our city’s vulnerable populations, businesses, and all impacted by the Covid-19 emergency. The network is divided into several subgroups which include: Wellness and Neighbor Checks (6,000 phone calls were made to seniors and other vulnerable residents), Food and Supply (more than 130,000 meals were served to residents) , Financial Assistance and Housing, Mental Health and Trauma, Youth Engagement, Communications, the Español Network, the Brasilian Network, and the Business Network.

“Thank you to the over 200 people who have participated in the network over the past year,” said Rana, while noting the following individuals who have continued to meet and participate in the Network’s efforts:

Amy O’Hara

Ana Rodriguez

Arminda E. Canas

Asmaa Abou-Fouda

Britney Sao

Carolina Ruiz

Carrie Ann Salemme

Charlie Giuffrida

Claudia Cen

Danielle Osterman

Deb Peczka

Deborah Guimaraes

Deborah Kneeland

Diana Cardona

Dimple Rana

Dr. Gallucci

Edward Deveau

Elida Acuna-Martinez

Erik Fearing

Estaphany Wixon

Ethan Francois

Fatou Drammeh

Fenny Araque

Gladis Alvarez Cordon

Hawa Barry

Hoda Ghodbani

Ina Tall

Jane Porcel

Jean Granick

Joela Goga

John Stamatopoulos

Juan Carlos Ferrufino

Juan Pablo Jaramillo

Judy Tran

Julia Newhall

Karen Malpica

Keila Stoffel Malaquias Vieira

Keith Fisher

Khadidja Fridjat

Kourou Pich

Laith Almatwari

Lauren Buck

Leidy Duque

Leslie Clyne-De Cicco

Liana Jorge Matute

Linh Nguyen

Lor Holmes

Madelyn Pineda Alvarez

Megan Witter

Nada Abou Hadiba

Natividad Hernandez

Nicole Deveau

Norma Mora

Olga Tacure

Ouafa Kinaoui

Paula Sepulveda

Rachid Doukali

Rachid Moukhabir

Ralph Decicco

Rasha Mikhael

Reuben Kantor

Rhiannon Alter

Richelle Cromwell

Robert Dunbar

Robert Golding

Sandra Figueroa

Scotty McCraney

Senndy Paz

Sharon Fosbury

Sonia Aguirre

Sorhavattiy Tieng

Sujeiris Ryan

Susan Gravellese

Sylvia Chiang

Taous Boughari

Tech Leng

Valentina Moreno

Vanny Huot

Viviana Catano

Wendy Millar-Page

Whitney Demetrius

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