Giannino Seeks Accountability; Wants Councillor Motions in on Time

The City Council worked on four “late motions” at its Council meeting Monday night. Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino wants her colleagues to get their motions in on time.

Councillors have until the Thursday before a Council meeting to get their motions in to City Clerk Ashley Melnik for placement on the ensuing agenda.

“When I first got on the Council, late motions were incredibly frowned upon,” Giannino said at Monday’s meeting. “If someone put in a late motion, it was usually seen as something like sneaky or something negative – because in a late motion it doesn’t go on the agenda, so it’s not published and the community can’t see it for ‘x’ amount of time. We’ve been putting a lot more in and I just want to say I’ve gotten calls from people.

“It really is confusing, so as councillors, we have until the Thursday before to get these to the [City] Clerk [Ashley Melnik],” said Giannino.

Giannino said the councillors have an obligation to their constituents to submit their motions on time,  have their motions advertised on the agenda, and be done in the formal way.

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