Daly spreads birthday cheer with ‘trumpet-grams’

Special to the Journal

As a long-time trumpet player, Jay Daly has performed at the likes of Symphony Hall, the Colonial Theatre and Tanglewood. Locally, he’s best known as the lead trumpet player at North Shore Music Theatre.

Now, with the coronavirus pandemic having silenced his regular gigs, he’s decided to bring his talents right to your house.

Daly has started offering what he calls “drive-by birthday trumpet grams.” Last week he drove to two houses in Beverly and played “Happy Birthday” on his trumpet, one without ever leaving his car. On Saturday, he performed on the sidewalk outside the home of Cynthia Simpson, a life-long resident of Revere.

“It’s given me a chance to play to play in front of others, an opportunity I have not had for a very long time due to the pandemic.” Daly said. “It just makes me feel so good to perform in front of others and the music makes others feel good.”

Daly, 63, has been playing the trumpet most of his life. Since 1991 he’s worked as the personnel manager for the pit orchestra at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, hiring the musicians and playing all the trumpet parts himself. He’s often called upon to play for national touring shows when they come to Boston. The Simpson family heard about him on Facebook and quickly booked him for an appearance for their mother to make her birthday extra special! Each moment we have with our mom is special and we are blessed to be embraced with her positive attitude and smile! She is an inspiration to others! Cynthia has six children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. She is surrounded by the love of her family, friends and neighbors!

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