Fall 2020 Commuter Rail Schedule Changes Take Effect Nov. 2

The MBTA is reminding customers of upcoming schedule changes coming to the Commuter Rail network this fall effective Monday, Nov. 2. These updates are being made in response to changing ridership patterns on the Commuter Rail as a result of the pandemic.

The goal of these schedule changes is to accommodate traditional ridership while also adapting service where commutes have changed (to accommodate new staggered work start times, for example) and where the Commuter Rail may become a new option for some customers. These schedules aim to level out service consistently over the course of the day and eliminate gaps in mid-day service, providing more options to riders that promote social distancing. 

More Information on Fall Changes Effective November 2:

Full schedules effective Nov. 2 are available at mbta.com. Train counts will increase on weekdays from 505 in fall 2019 to 544 in this fall 2020, utilizing the same number of train sets and crews as October 2019. Thirty-two of the 39 new trains (82 percent) will serve either Fairmount, Brockton, or Lynn:

•Fairmont service: This fall, mid-day service will operate every 45 minutes (fall 2019 mid-day service operated every 60 minutes).

•Brockton service: This fall, mid-day service will operate every sixty to 70 minutes (fall 2019 mid-day service ranged 90 to 120 minutes).

•Lynn service: This fall, mid-day service will operate every 30 minutes (fall 2019 service ranged from 30 to n90 minutes).

Other key service changes include:

•Providence service: Service will be more evenly distributed throughout the day with consistent, all-day service and 60-minute headways.

•Worcester service: Better commute options will be offered with the reintroduction of Express trains. The Heart to Hub service on the Worcester Line will also resume, operating at more convenient times and also serving Framingham. 

Commuter Rail Service Pilot Updates:

In an effort to fairly assess current Commuter Rail service pilots that have been affected by the pandemic and current ridership counts, changes to some Commuter Rail service pilots will be in effect beginning Nov. 2. The criteria for evaluating these service pilots will also be updated to account for lower ridership and new budget realities.

•The late-night South Shore schedule change pilot that began in fall 2019 will be paused. This pilot will be considered in the future when ridership and large events in Boston return.

•The Foxboro Weekday Service pilot that began in fall 2019 will be temporarily suspended. This pilot is scheduled to restart in spring 2021.

•The Fairmount Line Weekday Service pilot that added eight additional trips to the Line in June 2020 will continue and be expanded in the fall 2020 schedules. Two more trips will be added in order to provide trains at a regular 45-minute interval.

Commuter Rail Fare Pilot Updates:

The Lynn Zone 1A pilot remains in effect through Dec. 31, 2020. This pilot provides additional travel options for North Shore customers, eases crowding on nearby bus routes, and allows the MBTA to collect ridership data related to the effects of temporary fare changes on relieving crowding.

The Five-Day Flex Pass pilot will be extended to Dec. 31, 2020. The Five-Day Flex Pass on mTicket is a bundled fare good for any five days of travel within a 30-day period.

The Youth Pass is currently valid on all Commuter Rail Zones with this pilot extended to Dec. 31, 2020. The Youth Pass Program is a partnership between the MBTA and participating cities and towns that offers young adults with low incomes roughly 50 percent reduced one-way fares or $30 monthly LinkPasses and was previously only available on bus and subway.

The Foxboro Reverse Commute Fare pilot will end on Oct. 30, 2020. This fare pilot offered a fare equal to that of an interzone 4 fare to commuters who traveled from Zone 1A stations on the Franklin and Fairmount Lines to Foxboro in the morning and returned to Boston in the evening.

For more information, visit mbta.com or connect with the T on Twitter @MBTA, Facebook /TheMBTA, or Instagram@theMBTA.

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