Turkish Cultural Center Hosts Food Drive

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The Humanitarian Aid group under the Turkish Cultural Center (TCC)  held a meat drive on Monday, August 3rd for Eid al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) (EAA) at the Turkish Cultural Center on Revere Street. 

According to Islam, the Feast of Sacrifice commemorates Prophet Abraham’s obedience to God as he was tested to sacrifice his beloved son. Mahmut Bekin of the Humanitarian Aid Group at the TCC added, “On this day, God sent his angel Gabriel and provided Abraham a ram in place of his beloved son. Since then, it has been celebrated by Muslims to commemorate this day by sacrificing animals such as cow, sheep and goat in memory of Abraham’s devotion.”

Mayor Brian Arrigo (center) stands with members and officials from the Turkish Cultural
Center behind care packages filled with meats, supplied by the Turkish Cultural Center and
fresh produce, provided by the City, set to be delivered to families in need in the city as part of the TCC’s Food Drive for Eid al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice).

 Muslims are obliged to distribute two-thirds of the meat to people in need. â€œThe Turkish Cultural Center will commemorate this year’s Feast of Sacrifice to help the needy bring meat to their tables. We have vowed to distribute 300 pounds of meat to Revere,” Mahmut Bekin said.

 Mayor Brian Arrigo and Revere’s office of Healthy Community Initiatives worked alongside the Humanitarian Aid Group to distribute 50 packages of meat, each weighing 6 pounds, with all necessary labeling to 50 families. The City of Revere matched those 50 packages of meat with a package of fresh produce for each family as well. “Events like this are exactly what we need in our city. They bring our community closer together and allow us to better assist those in need,” Mayor Arrigo said.

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