Council Tables Action on Human Rights Commission Appointment

The City Council approved four of Mayor Brian Arrigo’s appointments at its meeting Monday night, but the fifth one drew considerable discussion before the appointment was advanced for discussion at a future meeting.

David Callahan was appointed as chief of the Revere Police Department after councilors offered considerable acclaim for the new leader and his distinguished career in the public safety profession. Callahan succeeds retiring Police Chief James Guido.

Also appointed were Daniel Oceana to the License Commission, and Aklog Limeneh and Arthur Pelton to the Zoning Board of Appeals,

But the Council decided to continue discussion of Dimple Rana’s appointment as executive director of the newly activated Revere Human Rights Commissioner to its next meeting. It is a volunteer position.

Several speakers supported Rana, a community leader whose efforts with the COVID-19 Emergency Response Team have been extraordinary. Many highlighted her exceptional leadership in many local  initiatives such as The Farmer’s Market and the local U.S. Census effort.

Rana addressed the Council during the council sub-committee meeting, saying that “I have over 20 years of experience in working in community settings locally and internationally. I look forward to reactivating the Human Rights Commission. I want to remind everyone that I will continue in my current position as the director of Healthy Community Initiatives under the title of director of outreach and continue to run all the programs and initiatives of my office which are mostly all grant-funded.”

Despite Rana’s strong resume, many career accomplishments, and the widespread community support she received at the meeting, the Council decided to tabler the matter of Rana’s appointment until the next meeting in July.

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