First RBC ‘Beautiful Home’ Award given in 2020

The Revere Beautification Committee has made its first “Beautiful Home” award to Mark and Stacie Baxter whose home is located on the Lynnway in the Point of Pines.

It is extremely difficult to try to describe the reasons that made this home the RBC’s initial 2020 selection.  There are so many different elements that make this home stand out — from the baskets of bleeding hearts lining the fence to the row of lovely low bushes along the side street to the beautifully manicured lawn —that make it difficult to describe.  But I will try.

As one walks through the front gate leading to the house, the walkway is lined with white stones.  In the middle of this is an arrangement of large stones surrounding red geraniums on both sides of the walkway.  At the foot of the steps there are two large flower filled vases flanking the walkway.  To the left of the house is the driveway leading to the attached garage.  This is bordered by a white rock and flower covered edging completing the overall picture. The end result is a well thought out and beautifully maintained area.

The landscaping is the work of the owner, Mark Baxter, who spends at least an hour a day (and more on the weekend) working on the property.  The Baxters moved to Revere 15 years ago to the “home of their dreams” and love it here.  It is obvious that Mark and Stacie love their home as evidenced by the care that they put into the exterior.   

The Revere Beautification Committee urges all residents to do as the Baxters have done.  Demonstrate pride in your home by making it beautiful.

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