On the Campaign Trail: Majority of Revere City Council Endorses Jessica Giannino’s Campaign for State Rep.

On Friday, the majority of the Revere City Council endorsed fellow Councilor At-Large Jessica Giannino for State Representative, 16th Suffolk District. Giannino has been a member of the Revere City Council since elected in 2012.

“Over the last 5 years I have worked with Councilor Giannino as a colleague, her leadership on the council promoted her to President two times unanimously which is almost unprecedented in such a short period of time” said Council President Patrick M. Keefe, Jr., Ward 4. “Jessica is one of the most dedicated people to the residents of Revere and I have no doubt that she will do the same for the 16th district. Revere Chelsea and Saugus will be well represented by Jessica Giannino. As her colleague and friend I fully support her in fight to be your next Representative.”

“As the longest serving member on the council, I have seen many members come and go,” said Councilor Arthur F. Guinasso, Ward 3. “Jessica Giannino was elected at a young age and over the past 8 years has proven herself as a true leader. I was proud to support her in her endeavors as Council President and I am proud to support her in this next chapter on her journey to become the next Representative of the 16th Suffolk district.”

“I’m honored to have the endorsements of my colleagues on the Revere City Council,” said Councilor At-Large Giannino, Candidate for State Representative. “They’ve witnessed first-hand my passion for making a difference and share my vision for a better future. With their support, I will ensure that the 16th Suffolk District is represented by someone who believes passionately in putting the community first.”

Endorsing Revere City Councilors include:

Patrick M. Keefe Jr., President and Ward 4

Steven Morabito, At-Large

George J. Rotondo, At-Large

Gerry Visconti, At-Large

Joanne McKenna, Ward 1

Arthur F. Guinasso, Ward 3

Richard Serino, Ward 6

“Jessica has been a great colleague and partner on the city council as well as a friend,” said Councilor At-Large Gerry Visconti. “Her dedication to our City, surrounding communities and our residents is a testament to her work ethic and drive to always do what’s right for her constituents. I am confident that if given the opportunity, Jessica will bring a transparent, inquisitive, grounded and honest approach to tackling the issues facing the 16th Suffolk District as State Representative – just as she’s done throughout her tenure as City Councilor for the City of Revere.”

Other endorsements Giannino has received include:

Carpenters Union Local 328

IBEW Local 103

IBEW Local 1505

Mass Retirees

Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union

Massachusetts Police Association

Revere Fire Fighters Local 926

Revere Police Department Superior Officers

Teamsters Local 25

Jessica began her career in politics as a City Councilor At-Large for the City of Revere in 2012. In that time, she has worked on countless issues that impact the daily lives of the citizens of Revere, as well as ordinances that will impact generations to follow. In 2013 her inclusive style and strong leadership qualities prompted her colleagues to elect her Vice President of the Council.  In 2016 and 2018, Jessica had the honor of serving as City Council President. During that time, she worked to ensure the agenda maintained a balance between protecting and growing the city’s economic base, without compromising the quality of city services to residents. Jessica believes it is her responsibility to ensure that Revere’s government is accountable to the people, financially responsible and forward thinking.

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