Tye announces Re-Election for School Committee

Carol Tye, the member of the School Committee with the longest record of service in the Revere Public Schools, is announcing her candidacy for re-election:

A lifelong resident of Revere, I have devoted my life and career to the Revere Public Schools. For 35 years I was a teacher of English at Revere High School (and union officer/negotiator), served as superintendent of schools for six years, was elected to the School Committee in 2001, and have served continuously since that time.

And after all these years, I am still passionate about the Revere Public Schools.

We have a long history of shared leadership. When the School Committee and the Teachers Association entered into their first contract, firm standards of excellence for hiring and promotion were established. When I became superintendent, we further enhanced those standards.

That led to a renewed commitment to our kids: that they could achieve as well as their peers from wealthier communities. We would provide them with the support.

And that faith in our community and our students has led to the excellence that is today recognized throughout the state.  Despite the fact that we are funded by only about half of what rich communities spend, the Boston Globe editorial page recognized our fiscal responsibility and academic success by asking: Where can we get more Reveres?

Our students’ success brings credit not only to themselves and their parents, but to their kindergarten through grade 12 teachers and administrators, to the School Committee and the City Council, and to the citizens who have supported them throughout their school lives.  Our kids have been supported by visionary leaders and a collaborative spirit throughout the city.

But we do have challenges.  Although I share the enormous pride of our community in the five new schools that we’ve built  —  a plan which originated in my administration in 1999  — we recognize the need for a new Revere High School.

The State has finally accepted us into the planning stage, and citizens have already begun the visioning process. We have named the first Building Committee.

I look forward to sharing both my knowledge and my experience to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. Please consider me for one of your votes for School Committee.

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