On the Campaign Trail : The Race for Councillor-at-Large Capoccia Running for Councillor-at-Large

Robert Capoccia has announced his candidacy for councillor-at-large.  The following is his statement:

“I am a husband, father, grandfather, brother, small business owner (Z-Best Fence), homeowner and concerned lifelong Revere resident. My slogan, “Had enough? Me too!” says it all as to why I’m running for Councilor-at-Large. I’ve had enough of consistently increasing tax and water bills with little return to residents.

Several months ago, I heard a song on the radio with the line, “smiling faces sometimes tell lies.” These words reminded me of what’s happening in Revere now. Everywhere you look, there is residential development which leads to gridlocked traffic throughout the city. The worst part is that most of the building is being done by developers that do not even live in Revere! The current development is not commercial so taxes have increased, not decreased. What are citizens receiving for increased taxes? Constant traffic, crowded schools and conditions causing many lifelong residents to move out of Revere. I am especially dedicated to the senior citizens whose vision of what Revere could be drives my campaign. (By the way, I am a senior citizen!)

I stand by my old-fashioned values. I want to meet the voters face-to-face rather that via email or text. I am a “un-politician” who wants to restore pride in Revere so that it continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.

No one can stop change. As a lifelong resident, I have witnessed many changes to our city – some good, some bad. If elected, I promise to work as part of the team to bring pride, respect, and honesty to the city council. If you feel as I do, it is important that you get out and vote for change in the primary election on September 10. I respectfully ask that you consider me for one of your votes for Councilor-at-Large. I am  #3 on the ballot.”

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