Russo Running for Council Seat

Philip Russo has announced his candidacy for Councillor at Large. The following is his statement:

“My name is Philip Russo; I am your candidate for Councilor at Large. 

I am asking for your support and vote in the upcoming Primary Election on Sept. 10.  

With your vote I will be able to move forward and take action to address issues that impact the quality of life for the citizens of Revere. 

I believe like most, that our City is moving towards the future in light speed and over development is moving at a rapid pace.

The more we build, the more of an impact it will have on traffic congestion and overcrowding in our schools, both which have grown substantially in recent years.  

Our current infrastructure cannot support this. Many of our streets and sidewalks are in despite need of repair. Many have limited handicap accessibility and some lack cross walks for school bus stops. 

There is something beautiful about the neighborhoods throughout our City, we still have a lot of families here.  Some have called Revere home for generations. Some are new to our city looking to raise a family here. They are all people like myself, who take pride in their homes, their neighborhoods, and their City.  

I believe the role and duty of a City Councilor, is to represent the citizens and set priorities in supporting our neighborhoods. Too many issues are overlooked year after year.  Especially, in the area of public safety. Crime is up and every resident deserves to feel safe in and around our City. We need to work together to improve public safety. 

If we are going to keep our neighborhoods throughout the City safe for all, you need someone like Philp Russo who will focus on getting the priorities done for the people, for a better quality of life for the citizens of Revere. 

We are a diverse City.  We all have different wants and needs around our families and properties but we have a common desire. We deserve to keep a safe place for our families! Our neighborhoods updated, from streets, to lighting, to Crime and the rodent issues.  

I will be a true voice for the People at City Hall. 

I am that voice that man.

We need to think, it is not about all the stand outs, the signs or how many political parties we can attend how popular someone is or if we are friends. 

It is about results!  Getting the job done.

With your support, I can show you my resolve.  

The focus needs to be on what the people need and want to see get accomplished.  

Communication is key with the People and the other Councilors working together to get things done 100%.  

I will not just accept the noted okay from the City officials or Councilors.  

I will work on behalf of the citizens of Revere. I will try to fix all of the things that people have requested for years that have been forgotten and  prioritize for Safety that need to get done while working on finding solutions to your complaints.  

I am a son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, friend, your neighbor and to some their coach.  

I am 50 years of age, grew up on Park Avenue since 1983 where my Parents still reside.  

I now live in my Home on Ridge Road where I am bringing up two beautiful children. 

I have grown up in this City, My Family live in this city and know the importance of making our City safe for all.

The people who know me know that I am a true care taker from my heart!  I get the job done.  I have and will continue to help the people in and around the City.  

I have in the past years, helped the people that cannot help themselves in the grueling winter months, from shoveling after plowing for days, to using my plow to follow the ROTC kids and move snow that they shovel to help the elderly.

In 2016, I became a partner and manager of the Brenner Realty Group.  

We got together with different organizations to donate new shoes that were in the building, along with party purses to help the girls looking to go to the Prom who could not afford it.  

I donated from my company, the Russo’s Flooring truck to deliver the Thanksgiving turkey meals that are offered to the elderly and families who could not afford to feed their families during the holidays.

I am a team player.  In saying this I look forward to working with the Mayor and all of the City Councilors to put forth a motion for more man hours for the Police Department and more of a Police presence on the street during shifts.  

We have a problem with the Opiate/Heroin crisis running through our City.  Too many of our friends and family are gone due to this.  We need action! 

I also want to work with the local youth groups to assist in any way with fundraising to help the children and families, whether it is at the Rec. Center or play a sport that normally parents could not afford to pay for them to play and learn.

We need to use the resources we have to help all families with education on how to budget their money to survive the day to day and week to week, to be able to pay the crazy rents and feed their families.

I think that respect starts with our children.  If we can find a way to have more programs after school for the kids, so parents can work regular hours and be home to help mold our future children into kinder, more respectable adults.  “Kindness is contagious.” If we can teach our kids to be kind to others, then it will create a more caring and loving City.

I am looking to build relationships within the different Wards around City to create safer environment for all for a better quality of life.

I want to bring back the pride that is missing in and around some homes so that the neighbors together with me as there voice and representation to get things done.  I want to keep our streets beautiful and safe, allowing you the home owner to make the necessary updates or add-ons to keep your property safe and beautiful. I want to try and find a way to bring our taxes down and our quality of life up. 

I am looking for your vote to make a difference in our City.  

I want to be able to work with our Mayor and my future colleagues to help all the neighborhoods stay proud and be a great foundation to help the City grow in the future.  As a new City Councilor, I will make sure that City and its residents’ interests are first!

I want my children to follow in my footsteps to create a legacy for them.  Please help me to help all of us Make Revere Great Again. Together we can make a difference in our City. You’re Vote in the Sept. 10 Primary is a start towards change. 

I want to thank my immediate family for allowing me to sacrifice our personal time to do this for the greater good the safety for our children and families. I want to thank you my Staff, friends, new and old whom I now consider family.  

I am respectfully asking for your vote for City Councilor of Revere on the Sept. 10 Primary and Nov. 5 General Election.  

Vote for me:  Philip Russo for your next city councilor

Thank you.

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