Boston City FC will Play Home Games at Della Russo Stadium

Revere soccer fans have a new team to call its own.

The Boston City FC, a team made up of current Division 1 college soccer players and other elite players, will play its first home game versus Hartford FC on Saturday, May 4 at Harry Della Russo Stadium on Park Avenue.

Boston City has played its last three seasons at Malden Catholic High School. The team played one game at Della Russo Stadium during the 2017 season.

Michael Preston, communications director for the amateur team, said the organization developed a good working relationship with Mayor Brian Arrigo in its first three seasons.

“We used to train in the preseason on Revere Beach,” said Preston. “We’ve considered moving the team to Revere in the past and after discussions with the city, we decided to do that. Boston FC is now officially a Revere-based club.”

Preston also praised the stadium, calling it one of the premier soccer venues in the region.

“It’s a great facility,” said Preston, adding that the team will also practice four nights a week in Revere.

The stadium was built after the city secured a $2.72 million grant from the Gateway Parks program in 2014 under the leadership of then-Mayor Dan Rizzo.

“In 2011, prior to the 2012 election, I pledged to Revere Pop Warner, Revere High Head Football Coach Lou Cicatelli and his staff, along with others that if elected, I would make this long-overdue stadium facility a reality – and we fulfilled our promise,” said Rizzo.

“To know that teams, players, coaches, and fans from outside Revere recognize this amazing asset as an outstanding facility only further accentuates its value to our own kids, parents, and residents across this community. It was always meant to be something that we all could be proud of, and I believe it has become that.”

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