Revere Chamber of Commerce Holds State of the City Breakfast

by Marianne Salza

The Marina Restaurant and Bar At The Wharf was crowded with business leaders and local officials during the Revere Chamber of Commerce State of the City Business Breakfast with Brian Arrigo, on Feb. 26. Chamber Executive Director Wendy Millar-Page described the ever-growing membership of the Chamber and her fascination with the information regarding Revere’s future developments.

Mayor Brian Arrigo with the Revere Chamber of Commerce (RCOC) members. In the front, from left to right, Maria Brito RCOC board member, Patty Pace RCOC treasurer, Melinda Cashman RCOC board member, and Kim Corliss RCOC Secretary/Clerk Back. In the back from left to right, John Bonaparte, RCOC board member, Wendy Millar-Page RCOC Executive Director, Steve Williams, RCOC board member, Karen Gallo, RCOC President, Steve Snyder, Vice President EBNHC and breakfast sponsor

“We want to do creative, fun networking events,” said Millar-Page, who encouraged members to participate in more Chamber events. “We’d love to have a diverse group of folks involved in the Chamber of Commerce.”

Millar-Page introduced Mayor Brian Arrigo, who addressed the rise in the retail economy, and the continuous growth of the city, which includes two hotels currently under construction on Revere Beach, and a family community center at the Garfield Elementary School.

“At long last, Revere is setting the pace, not lagging behind. Developments are a reality,” Mayor Arrigo said. “Revere is on a roll, absorbing some of the growth that we’ve seen in our region. Solutions will evolve from far-sighted political leadership and vibrant businesses that resist narrow-minded thinking and decision making.”

Mayor Arrigo thanked businesses for their contributions to the local community, and encouraged bold ideas that will cultivate the successful progress of Revere.

Join the Revere Chamber of Commerce for its Lunch & Learn event, “Understanding 2019 Changes in Human Resources and Payroll for Small Businesses,” on Thursday, March 28, noon, at The Four Points Sheraton, 407 Squire Rd. 

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