Beachmont School gets New Little Gym

It’s said that good things happen in small spaces and the Beachmont School’s Little Gym is doing good things for students that might need a place to run, crawl, rock, jump, touch and even ride a trike as fast as they can.

On Monday morning members of Row, Row, Row, school and local officials held an unveiling in the Little Gym, a sensory integration gym that is a colorful and curious place to play.

 “This space was revitalized as a space to be used and enjoyed by our population of Beachmont students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),” said Stacey Livote, assistant principal at Seacoast and whose family started the Row, Row, Row event.

All the materials were purchased with an estimated $15,000 contribution from Row, Row, Row. The monies came from a fundraiser  that was held in the summer by Row, Row, Row. No one is more excited about the donation and the new Little Gym than Integrated preschool teacher Jodi Langone.

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