Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Earlier last week many residents of Ward 5, including myself, received a mailing from a group referring to themselves as the “Friends of Ward 5”. This mailing consisted of insults towards Councillor Powers, Mayor Arrigo, and Chief Guido. I would like to state clearly that this group has no affiliation with me or my campaign in any way. This level of dirty politics is completely unacceptable, and has no place in our city. I had no part in this mailing and personally I found it to be both insulting and reprehensible.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Councillor Powers, Mayor Arrigo, and Chief Guido and their years of service to our city. Throughout this election season Councilor Powers and I have both run upstanding campaigns based on mutual respect. Hopefully, we have set the tone for future elections to come. I have always run a clean and respectful campaign. It is what I have done thus far, and that is what I will continue to do.

Eric Lampedecchio

Candidate for Ward 5 City Councillor

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