Strecker Reflects on Years of Teaching Dance

Agnes Strecker, owner and director of the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio (ASDS) started her dream of being a dance choreographer and owner of a dance studio as a senior in High School. Her first studio was located in the garage of her parents home in 1965. After an increase of students,  Agnes opened a formal studio locally in Revere where she has operated from since 1987.

As they say, “once a teacher, always a teacher.” “After forty nine years of sharing my love of dance with thousands upon thousands of students, I realized that it may be time to retire. In my head, I thought that it was the right thing to do. However, my heart told me differently. Passion is something that never goes away, and in my case, it only got stronger! I missed the excitement of my dance studio, the interaction with every student and every parent and the preparation and execution of my yearly dance recital, which was always professional, creative and above and beyond the ‘norm.’ So, after being ‘semi-retired’ for the past three years, I decided to, once again, blow the dust off my tap shoes and come back in full swing and stronger than ever!” Says Agnes.

Along with this, Agnes has hired some new staff to add to her current staff to join her in this rebirth of the studio.  The studio offers a variety of classes for all ages and abilities such as the standard; Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Pointe but also offers other classes such as; Acro, Lyrical, Hip Hop Step dance and Cheer. The studio also offers some exciting extras like Music/ Voice lessons, Zumba, Yoga and now even adult Salsa and Bachata classes on Friday nights!

At ASDS we have staff from all different backgrounds and expertise in the style of dance that they teach. Most are recent college graduates and have the energetic, polite and friendly qualities that we look for when picking our teachers. Others have years of dance experience and have the qualities to strive for great success in the dance world.

Agnes has the love and support of her family and son, Anthony Zizza, who has been a huge part in the development and growth of his mother’s studio. Anthony is only one of the many students that has grown up in the studio and has now. Many of Agnes’ former students have branched out after the studio and have started dancing professionally. Some of these past students are Alex Drapinski, Dennis Kenny and Chad Flahive.

  • Chad was a student at ASDS for years starting at just five years-old. He later went on to become an award winning choreographer in the Greater Boston region for shows like Chicago, Seussical and 42nd Street, a show that allowed him to work closely again with Agnes to rehearse the complex, original Broadway choreography. He is “always grateful for his experiences at ASDS because the community and family focus helped me to develop a strong sense of belonging. I have taken that with me to all work situations. All people want to feel connected and part of something more than a class or a gym. I learned the importance of that right on Beach Street.” Chad has returned to ASDS over the years to teach both Master Classes and Alumni Classes, and he continues to inspire hundred of clients daily to achieve optimum health and wellness.
  • Dennis Kenney is a former pupil of the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio, he took his first ever Jazz and Tap classes at our school and as been dancing ever since.  He has went on to an accomplished performing career that has spanned Broadway National Tours, Television, Commercials and Film.  He has appeared on such notable shows as The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, CNN and CBS’s The Couch to name a few.  He is also the Founder and Creative Director of Style With Den where is Dance Fashion Commercials have been played in every major department store across the country including Bloomingdales and Saks.
  • Alexander Drapinski started his dance career at the age of three at Agnes Strecker Dance Studio in Revere, MA. He studied there until he turned 18 years old, with some of the best dance instructors he has had the opportunity of learning from. Alex decided to spread his love for dance by inspiring and educating students, just like his past instructors from Agnes Strecker Dance Studio. He taught Contemporary, Hip Hop, tap and conditioning all over the state of Massachusetts.He is continuing educating students in hip hop and contemporary dance technique in the Orlando.

Agnes has recently brought on some reliable help to bring some fresh energy and ideas to the studio. Julia Bosco, 21, a longtime student and teacher will now be a director working with Agnes as she mentors Julia to learn the business as a whole.

“For over 18 years the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio has been my home. I have been in countless dance classes, rehearsals and recitals. I have attended many master classes and conventions, been in the Opening/Closing number of the recital for as long as I can remember. I graduated from the Dance Education Training Course with the Dance Teachers Club of Boston in 2013. I have assisted since the age of 10, taught since the age of 16 and now have become something bigger,”  Bosco said.

“I am excited to announce that after working very hard all summer, I will now be working along side Agnes Strecker to grow the studio as one of the official directors with Agnes. I am excited to be given this opportunity and I know that I have the passion and drive to run both the insides and outs of the studio. My passion for dance has now given me a career I will continue to love. Thank you Agnes for your continuing love, support and belief in me as a choreographer, teacher and now partner. I can’t wait for an amazing year and adventure that will come from this new, but not so new chapter in my life!”- says Julia Bosco.

This is an exciting time for us all, says Julia. There’s just something about a child’s love for dance that keeps me going. The fact that I can share what I love as a career is astounding to me. It always brings me so much joy when recital time comes around and I see the excitement and pride in my dancers when they perform. I would not trade moments like that for the world! Agnes has been my inspiration and someone I have looked up to as a teacher for as long as I could remember. The fact that I am able to pass down everything she has taught me along with the love of dance to my students is amazing,” Bosco concluded.

Come share the celebration as the doors to the Agnes Strecker Dance Studio swing open for its 53rd season. This will be a decision that parents will never regret. The studio is located at 172 Beach Street, Revere, across the street from the Revere Public Library. Enrollment is open to everyone! Come join our dance family and get ready for yet another great year!

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