Hill School Dresses Down for Patriots, Houston Relief

By Seth Daniel

About 10 times a year, the Hill School students ‘donate to dress down’ as part of their school culture, but few times were more charitable and exciting than last Thursday, Sept. 7, when student donated money for hurricane relief in Houston so they could don their favorite Patriots gear.

While the big game didn’t turn out how most this side of the Mississippi River had hoped, students on Thursday were excited to wear their Patriots jerseys and shirts and colors.

More importantly, they were excited to give money to help children in Houston who were suffering from that catastrophic effects of flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

“Every month we do donate to dress down and it’s very popular,” said Principal Ed Moccia. “This was a very generous one because the kids were moved by what happened. They all wanted to donate something to help with the efforts in Houston. We raised more than $1,000.”

Moccia said 10 times a year students can donate and then they get the privilege of dressing down on one day in the month. Half of the money raised goes to Hill School activities and half goes to a particular charity – this time the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Typically, he said, there is a theme for the dress, and last Thursday it was the privilege of wearing Patriots attire on the day of the big first game.

Kids all over the school were dressed in blue and white, and there were Tom Brady jerseys and ‘Gronk’ shirts all over.

Moccia said the only time they have raised more money was for the Taft Street Fire victims last year, money that actually went to students and families at the Hill School.

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