Residents Concerned about Bellevue Ave Development

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Citing an issue of parking, traffic and other concerns, neighbors of a proposed development at 5 Bellevue Ave., told city councillors that the size of the development was too big for the neighborhood.

Residents from Bellevue Ave., Revere Street and Ford Street spoke against the proposed development at a public hearing last week.

The hearing was called on the special permit application of Bellevue Revere, LLC, 72 Squire Rd., Unit 2, Revere, MA 02151 seeking permission from the Revere City Council to construct an eight unit townhouse development on lot 5 Bellevue Avenue. Plans also call for the extension of Bellevue Avenue as a private way to service the  townhouse development. Designs show the townhouses built in a grouping of four each. The townhouses are two-story and each contain two or three bedrooms. There will also be a garage with off-street parking for two vehicles.

Site Plan Review Committee has reviewed the proposed site plan for the construction of an eight unit townhouse development. Construction is only allowed by special permit of the Revere City Council. Bellevue Avenue is a private paper street and a street extension permit is also required to be approved by the City Council subject to the approval of the city engineer, DPW superintendent and the fire chief. Principle Jaime Russo is represented by attorney Cory Rhoades of D’ambrosio Brown. The lot is 23,886 square feet in a Residential B zoning district. The subdivision of this land was laid out in 1944.

Rhoades noted that the option for the property is to build multiple two-family homes.

The owner of 30 Ford St., which backs up to the Bellevue Avenue property said where there once was a forest of trees there are now large holes and rats.

“We assumed the property was marsh wetlands and couldn’t be built on,” said resident Natalie York of 484 Revere St. who lives on the corner of Bellevue Ave. “Parking is a nightmare on Bellevue. We need this addressed. It’s becoming a problem for lifelong residents who live there.”

Rhoades said the engineering work done still does not show that the lot is a wetland.

“This area of Revere is declining horribly. You can’t get up and down Revere Street,” said Susan Dantilio, of 2 Bellevue Ave. “You can seem to stop overbuilding in Revere.”

She also noted concerns about fire truck access on the street. the free department does have to sign off on the project before approved.

The council ordered the project to go to the council’s Zoning Subcommittee and to the Planning Board for proposed roadway construction.

“Anything the developer does enhances the neighborhood,” said Councillor George Rotondo.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said the project is not a done deal. He suggested a neighborhood meeting to discuss the project. He asked people to think about eight townhouses versus six apartments by right. Rhoades said he is happy to meet with the neighbors.

“Do you want condos or apartments?” Powers asked neighbors to think about. “Let’s make a decision condos or apartments.”

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