Arrigo Pushing for Senior Tax Abatement on Ballot

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

When voters go to the polls in November they won’t be just voting for various officials, they will be voting for a tax exemption for Revere’s senior citizen property owners.

Mayor Brian Arrigo got the ball rolling last week with the city council approving the idea. The next step is to have the exemption voted on by the local voters. Currently, the City follows a M.G.L. Chapter 41C exemption process, which takes $500 off a qualifying seniors property tax bill. To qualify for the exemption, the senior has to have an asset limit of $40,000 and currently only 63 seniors in Revere participate.

“The residents who most feel this pinch are senior citizens. That’s why we’re targeting this first stage of relief to seniors,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo.

With the vote in November the mayor seeks to switch the City over the Chapter 41 ½ C tax exemption program. With this all senior citizen property owners will receive an exemption based on the total assessed value of all residential real estate in Revere.

“The real estate market is red hot in Revere right now, and property values continue to increase. As we improve city services, revitalize the city’s economy, and continue to earn plaudits for our outstanding school system, this trend is likely to continue, which is mostly good news for Revere,” Arrigo said.

The City Council has approved the question to be placed on the ballot. After the voters vote in November the tax exemption will be enacted.

Councillor George Rotondo said he wanted to see some analysis and wants people to know what they are getting.

“This is a first step,” Arrigo said. “There will be over 1,000 seniors in this.”

“It’s a step in the right direction and I like the inclusion of everyone,” said Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso.

Arrigo said that the 10 percent is based on the average assessed value of everyone’s property.

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