Arrigo Providing An Efficient City Government

There is an article on this page from Mayor Brian Arrigo outlining the steps that he has taken and will take to continue to spend the taxpayers’ dollars as efficiently as possible.

He pledges to make sure that department heads use their budget allotments wisely, with an emphasis on reducing overtime expenses and unwarranted raises.

Arrigo also points out that he and his staff are working on putting together a comprehensive capital budget plan.

All of the different steps that Mayor Arrigo has taken since he has been in office have demonstrated his concern for spending taxpayer money wisely assuring the taxpayers of Revere that their hard-earned money that goes to pay taxes is not wasted or spent carelessly.

This commitment to accountability is perhaps the most important part of Mayor Arrigo’s first term as the head of our government.

Revere is in the same boat as every other city and town in the Commonwealth.  Every year officials wait to find out how much state aid they will receive to help run their municipal government and to pay for the expenses such as road repairs and sewer systems that make up a capital plan.

Revere is fortunate that city officials have not sought a Prop. 2 and 1/2 tax override in almost 40 years. However, if there comes a day when an override is needed, the taxpayers must know that the current tax monies are being spent wisely and frugally. For if taxpayers feel that there is no accountability for how their money is being spent, then an override, if that day ever comes in Revere, almost certainly will fail.

We congratulate Mayor Arrigo for making city spending so transparent that taxpayers now can rest assured that the city’s revenues are being spent judiciously  — which is of crucial importance if residents are to have faith in their community and their leaders.

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