Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

I am writing on behalf of Federal Realty Investment Trust, the developer of Assembly Row. We had noted that in your March 31 piece, “It Was Bound To Happen,” the claim is made that “the development of Assembly Square in Somerville had no traffic mitigation.”

Federal Realty wishes to clarify that extensive traffic mitigation was undertaken in advance of Assembly Row being built and respectfully requests a correction be made accordingly. The mitigation efforts included:

A $15 million contribution to the new Orange Line stop (which results in about 7,900 fewer daily vehicular trips)

A $1 million contribution for the construction of a route 28 undercarriage that eases traffic

The construction of an improved pedestrian connection under route 93 between Stop and Shop and Middlesex Ave.

Signalization and intersection improvements at:

Lombardi and Broadway

Lombardi and Mystic

Mystic and New Rd

Middlesex and Foley

Middlesex and Rt. 28

Rt. 28 and Grand Union Blvd

The construction of a new 1-mile-long spine road from Mystic to Grand Union Blvd.

The construction of a 1-mile shared use path connecting Mystic Ave/East Somerville with Baxter State Park.

Sam Melnick

Dewey Square Group

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