Schools,State to Work on Application for New RHS

By Seth Daniel

After being turned down in this round of funding by the state School Building Authority (MSBA), the quest for a new Revere High School will continue, according to Supt. Dianne Kelly.

Revere has been on the hunt for a new Revere High School every since the MSBA steered the City towards rebuilding the high school six years ago rather than embarking on an expensive rebuild of the school’s science labs.

This year, with the Hill School completed, the City and the schools were finally in a position to get into the pipeline and start the process of building the expensive new high school.

However, last month, Kelly said they learned that they had not been accepted into the MSBA pipeline this year, but not because of a lack of need or a deficient application, but simply because there were more pressing needs.

“They said we had an excellent statement of interest and we will apply again for next year,” said Kelly. “This year they had several schools that were in very dire situations that took precedence over us. There was a school in Bridgewater where the roof had collapsed and kids had to be relocated. There was a school on the North Shore where an entire wing of the school didn’t have heat and they had only one bathroom. It was more of a situation where we will be considered in the next round rather than a rejection of our application.”

Kelly said the MSBA has encouraged Revere to put in another Statement of Interest for next year’s round of funding. They will be working together on the project, she said.

The new Statement of Interest is due to the MSBA by April.

The results of that application will be known in December.

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