Top 200 City Wage Earners Listed

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Seven of the top nine highest paid employees in Revere are in the police department. Even so it is the school department that has two of the highest paid people in the city.

Although he is retired as the Superintendent of Schools, Paul Dakin was the top employee on the calendar year 2016 payroll for the city of Revere.

Dakin, who received $227,380 last year, retired from heading up Revere Public Schools in 2015 but stayed on as advisor until August of 2016.

The second highest employee for 2016 was Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli who took home $213,871. The mayor recently announced he would not be renewing Cafarelli’s contract in June.

For fiscal year 2017, which ends June 30, the police chief in Chelsea takes home $178,168.

The third highest employee is also a rumored contender for the Police Chief position. David J. Callahan, a police lieutenant, took home $208,798 during the last calendar year with $39,268 in detail work.

Information in this report comes from public records supplied by the Revere City Hall Finance Department and obtained from W2 tax information.

Coming in the fourth position, Superintendent of Schools Dianne Kelly took home $191,912.

James Guido, listed as a captain and a police executive officer in the Revere Police Department took home the fifth highest amount at $191,233 with $44,605 coming from details.

Police Captain Terence Reardon earned $190,923 with $55,494 from details in 2016 and Police Lt. Glenn Malley took home $179,139 including $45,636 in details. Third year police officer Joseph Internicola took home $171,189 with $73,530 coming from police details. Senior police captain Dennis Collyer took home $165,828 with $22,863 coming from details.

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