Another Honor for Revere High School

When we get news releases, we quickly scan the text to see if our city is mentioned. There are always winners from across the state and nation. If we are not on the list, we often ask ourselves,why not, and what the winning communities are doing right.This was not the case recently.

Revere High School (RHS) is one of only 18 high performing schools in the nation to present atthe National Association of Secondary Schools Conference later in the month.

The core reason RHS officials were selected is that the organizational changes that have takenplace at RHS are resulting in much greater student achievement.

These changes are a result of four years of hard work. And the key here is time as nothing in education happens overnight.

Revere Public Schools have been the beneficiaries of extraordinary leadership and vision from the top down for a number of years. The quality of our superintendents resulted in the hiring of qualified administrators and principals in all levels at the local schools. This is perhaps the key reason why Revere students in all grades are experiencing tremendous improvements, by leaps and bounds, in their education.

Revere Schools have received numerous awards over the last few years. Our schools have the momentum now. This momentum will only continue with parents who are active in the schooling of their children, and with the proper level of funding to retain the terrific programs and teachers Revere has built.

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