Focusing on Results, Not Promises

Some people will say anything to get elected. That’s because it’s much easier to make a promise than it is to keep one. It’s easier to tell voters what you will do for them than it is to tell them what you have already done for them. And it’s easier to make unfounded accusations and wild claims against your opponent than it is to prove you have any kind of record to stand on.

To say it plainly- talk is cheap, facts matter. Results matter.

My philosophy has always been that actions speak louder than words. I do not make promises that I can’t keep, and I always keep my promises.

In 2011, I promised to be a strong fiscal manager.  I am sure you have seen a graph circulated by my opponent that shows our City’s budget from 2005 – 2020. Think of that for a minute. He is blaming me for a budget in 2020 – something five years away. Its simply a fabrication.  Now look at the three and a half years I have served as Mayor. It looks pretty similar to the previous 3 years. It seems like he is attacking former Mayor Ambrosino then as well. He is lying to voters about my record, because he doesn’t have one of his own to promote. The fact is, in the last three and a half years we have more than doubled the City’s rainy day fund and have the highest bond rating in our city’s history.

Today, our city’s finances are the strongest they have ever been. That’s not a promise, that’s a fact.

When I first ran for Mayor, I promised to reduce crime. I said that we would add more police officers, and focus on getting police back on the streets. In just a little over three years, we added 19 new police officers. We opened a police substation on Broadway. And we increased foot patrols and the use of cutting-edge technologies to fight crime.

Today, crime is down across all categories. That’s not a promise, that’s a fact.

In 2011, I promised to bring new commercial development and jobs to this city, as well as pursue grants to redefine our Central Business District on Broadway. Over the last three and a half years, we’ve created over 400 new jobs by attracting businesses like Market Basket, Petco and Harley Davidson. We secured millions of dollars in grant money to revitalize Broadway, our Central Business District; this means transformational improvements at no cost to Revere taxpayers.  And we created an over $1 million new commercial tax revenue stream to help stabilize and offset residential property taxes.

Today, our local economy is growing, we’re creating  jobs, and we’re stabilizing property taxes. That’s not a promise, that’s a fact.

Back in 2011, I promised to give our children a first class education and build world class facilities. In just three and a half years, we built the brand new Staff Sergeant James J. Hill School and rebuilt Harry Della Russo Stadium.  We refurbished four playgrounds, and recently broke ground on three new little league fields behind St. Mary’s Church and Revere’s first ever Dog Park on Sargent St.  Last year, Revere High School was named Best Urban High School in America and now all Revere schools are recognized as top tier.

Today, we have the best school system of any city in our region. That’s not a promise, that’s a fact.

Do we have more to do? Absolutely. I would not be running for a second term unless I thought there was still more we can accomplish together. But make no mistake – in spite of our challenges such as last year’s tornado that tore through our city, and record high snowfalls last winter, we have accomplished a great deal as a city in these past three and a half years. These are results, not empty promises. And these are facts, not accusations and misinformation.

There is a real difference between leading and getting things done, and making false claims and fooling people with election time politics.  That’s why I am asking you when you cast your ballot – don’t look at what someone says, look at what they have done. Together, we can continue to move Revere forward.

Dan Rizzo is the current Mayor of Revere.

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