An Exciting Election

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3 and the candidates for Mayor, Councillor-at-Large, Ward 4 Councillor, and School Committee have stepped up their campaigning and meeting the voters as the day of decision nears.

The race for Mayor – Mayor Dan Rizzo versus Councillor-at-Large Brian Arrigo – has particularly captured the interest of this city and is being hotly contested. The two candidates and their campaign volunteers have been working hard and it’s truly become one of the most exciting Revere mayoral elections in recent years.

In the races for Councillor at-Large and School Commmittee,  the voters have a full choice of candidates talking about many of the issues that affect Revere residents from a moratorium on large scale housing development to school classroom size.  In the race for the Ward 4 City Councillor seat, incumbent Stephen Reardon and Patrick Keefe, Jr. are meeting residents and talking about issues in this ward.

The old Latin expression of “Nothing travels faster than rumor” is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago. We urge all the candidates to continue on the high road in their campaigns.

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