Remembering NFL Player, Coach, and Teacher John Miller Jr.

John Miller Jr. reached the top of his sport, earning the honor and prestige of playing in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers.

Following his football career, he became a beloved teacher and highly regarded coach, all while living in Revere with his wife of 56 years, Norma (Doyle), and raising a family here.

Mr. Miller, a larger-than-life personality who was affectionately known as “a gentle giant,” died May 27. He was 81.

His football career at Boston College was legendary. He received All-American recognition and was selected as a captain of the Eagles. He played in the Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl. He was inducted in to the BC Hall of Fame and later the Hall of Fame at St. Mary’s High School where he had coached football.

The players revered their towering 6-foot-5-inch, high school coach who not only taught them how to play the game but to respect the game, instilling sportsmanship and pride in each member of his teams. Two of his former players at St. Mary’s, Ray McDermott and Gary Molea, would later serve as head coaches, passing on to their players the life lessons they had learned from Mr. Miller.

His son, John Miller III, would lead the way in carrying on his esteemed dad’s athletic tradition, excelling as a basketball player at BC High and Assumption College. The next generation – the Miller grandchildren – continue to bring credit both scholastically and athletically to this prominent name.

John Miller was more than a great athlete who got to realize the dream of playing in the NFL. He was a great person who was admired by all who had the honor of coming in contact with him during his wonderful, inspiring life.

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