The MBTA Needs Strong Fiscal Management

With three MBTA stations and numerous bus lines, the residents of Revere would benefit significantly from reforms and investment in public transportation.

For decades, we have seen study after study that detailed operational, budgetary and management issues at the MBTA. When hundreds of thousands of citizens were stranded at stations this winter, we all agreed that something must be done. And when there are millions of dollars being misspent and mismanaged, we should all agree that this is a problem with a clear solution – stronger fiscal management.

I know what it is like to run a complex government entity with a budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not easy, but through strong fiscal management, we have seen Revere achieve its highest bond rating in years, and receive the “Distinguished Budget Presentation” award. The same can be done for the MBTA

.I support granting Governor Baker more flexibility to manage the MBTA, including the ability to contract services and the creation of a Fiscal Management Control Board with the power to vote on binding arbitration rulings. At the city level, our city councils must vote on funding arbitration awards. The Governor’s proposal only asks that the MBTA unions be treated in exactly the same way that fire and police unions are treated.

My community visioning initiative, Plan Revere, lists public transportation as one of the top three greatest assets our city has. Improving the financial management of the T will strengthen our public transportation system and ultimately benefit all Revere residents.

Dan Rizzo is the current  Mayor of the City of Revere

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