Revere Schools Bring the World Together

Attending school in the 1960’s, a student was expected to memorize the multiplication tables, have excellent penmanship and look for facts in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  The closest, any student in this era came to technology was perhaps having a black and white television set with the “rabbit ears” in the classroom to watch educational programs. As a matter of fact, cellphones, the internet and texting were only seen in science fiction television shows like Star Trek.

Well, times have changed

Today’s students literally have all the cumulative knowledge of mankind at their fingertips.

These technological tools that are so necessary for success in today’s world are available to Revere students.  Today, every student has their own iPad.

But Superintendent Paul Dakin and his team did not stop there.  These public school administrators have expanded the curriculum of the schools to make learning fun while keeping the students challenged.

Last week, there was a story about how the Revere High School students were treated to a concert by the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Star Band.  The music was great, but more importantly, students learned about the African nation of Sierra Leone and their struggles.

In this week’s newspaper, there is a story about “flipped learning” that has students doing their classroom work at home.  This program is made possible by the iPads.  However, the goals of this program are to teach students to work both collaboratively and unconventionally.

No one can say that the world and technology have not changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  Today’s students need to know how to get the facts and the job completed quickly, but they also need a global perspective on world politics and conditions.

Revere Public School officials are to be congratulated for their efforts to keep our students in the technological mainstream.

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