The Marathon

The events of last year’s Boston Marathon have faded into the background for many residents.  However, for some, the events and the aftermath of that day are as vivid today as they were more than a year ago.

For Revere Police Sergeant Mike Mason, the events of that day will probably be with him for the rest of his life.  Mason had just crossed the finish-line when the bombs went off.  Instinctively, he knew what to do and did it in helping the wounded runners.

Revere Police Chief Joe Cafarelli also played a key part in the events around the Boston Marathon bombings.  He and the members of the Metro North SWAT team were the arresting officers when the youngest bombing suspect was found hiding in the boat in Watertown.

What makes these men unique is that they ran the Boston Marathon on Monday.

To run a marathon is commitment of days that turn into months.  All the training that goes up to the week before any Marathon cannot completely prepare any runner if the temperatures soar past 85 degrees or fall below 50 degrees as has happened in the past.  This side of the coin belongs to mother nature.  The other side of the coin is the human body just breaking down after months of running that may start off at three or four miles per workout but culminate at more than 21 mile runs.  Most bodies are not meant to endure this type of punishment.

Cafarelli and Mason knew better that most, about the events and effects of last year.  They consciously decided to show that they would not be intimidated by the acts of these cowardly bombers.  For us, they did not show Boston Strong but Revere strong.

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