Quick Response

The Revere Police Department and Mayor Dan Rizzo are to be congratulated for the quick response in putting more police on the beat for Broadway to combat what has been a sudden rash of disturbing crimes.

Mayor Rizzo has made a commitment to ensuring a vital and vibrant downtown business district and so far, his commitment has paid off. As one long-time resident commented, “Broadway really looks great, especially as the new street lights and flags cast a whole different perspective.”

However, the success for Broadway lies not in cosmetic appearances, but in the fact that people will be able to go there at any time of the day or night to shop or dine.

The spike in crime probably is attributable to the usual factors associated with the summer season. However, the extra police details will assure that this increase in crime will not become a long-term problem and hinder Mayor Rizzo’s efforts to bring about a rebirth of Broadway.

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