iPads for Students

Last week’s story that all students at Revere High School will be having their own ipad should come as welcome news to the parents.  As parents, we want our child to have every opportunity to receive a high quality education.  These ipads go a long way toward this goal.

Many educators have said that the jobs our children will have in their lifetime have not yet been created.  This statement may cause concern, but it shows how important technology and the use of it is for any future success.

The funding of these ipads came from state grants, as well as from the Revere school budget itself.

Superintendent Paul Dakin and his senior staff are to be congratulated for cobbling together the funds for this project, especially given the fact that the local school budget is always strained to provide even essential services.

Now that the students have the tools of the future, they need to be able to use them correctly.  This is where the classroom teachers will play the vital role.  It is up to these teachers to make use of this technology as they give their assignments and receive the homework for these students by the internet.  We share the view that the teachers at Revere High School are very dedicated to making sure that each student receives the best education possible.

These computers will allow students access to vast amounts of information quickly and timely.  By  providing these computers to every student at RHS, Revere public education has been put on par with the resources available to students in more affluent communities.

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