Rizzo Proposes Revitalization of Broadway

-By Joshua Resnek

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The above rendering depicts Broadway the way Dan Rizzo envisions it if he is elected mayor.

Mayoral candidate Dan Rizzo says it is high time that Broadway is changed to meet the imperatives of a better future. He wants to transform the face of Broadway and will undertake vigorous efforts to beautify, as well as to preserve, the area’s character. At the same time, he said he will recommend larger scale architectural and infrastructure improvements in order to create a more robust commercial center that is inviting for residents and local business owners alike.

Rizzo believes if he is elected mayor that he can act as a catalyst for growth and new development on Broadway.

The city’s main business artery has not changed with the times.

Rizzo believes he can alter the future by giving Broadway a better look and an improved platform for business owners.

“If elected mayor my top priorities will be building and sidewalk renovations, streetscape and storefront enhancement, landscaping, alley clean-up, lighting improvements and more accessible trash and recycling facilities,” Rizzo said during an interview at the Journal last week.

How would such improvements be made during the difficult financial times the city is facing?

“I will lead a public/private partnership effort made up of  government and local business leaders to create a Broadway business fund,” he said. “We will draw funding from State Community Block Grants and from special public/private funding,” Rizzo said.

He said he was looking for the reinvestment of consumers’ dollars by making Broadway more of a destination than it is today.

“If I can get these improvements completed, and I believe I can if I am elected mayor, then Broadway becomes a place with a great future and the downtown will be beautified at the same time,” he added.

To that end, Rizzo is convening a roundtable of business and civic leaders on May 18 to discuss this revitalization initiative and to develop strategies to improve Revere’s commercial district and to widen its appeal.

Rizzo said that making Broadway a better place to work and to shop is one of his platforms in his campaign for mayor.

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