RHS Robotics Complete Another Impressive Season

By Melissa Moore-Randall 

The NUTRONs, a Revere High School robotics team,  continued their journey into the New England Championship, where they competed in a series of qualification matches.  They finished the New England Championship ranked first out of 48 teams in their division. They then proceeded to make their way through the lower bracket of eliminations.  During that portion of the championships, they made it to the finals of the division. Unfortunately one of their partnering robots had issues, which caused them to eventually lose in the finals. Although they ended the event as finalists, they also won the Autonomous Award, which recognizes the team with the most consistent and reliable autonomous robot functions.

RHS Robotics team members preparing for the World Championship competition in Houston, Texas.

Just a week later, The NUTRONs traveled to Houston, Texas to compete in the World Championship, consisting of 8 divisions with 75 teams each. By the end of the qualifications, they were chosen by the 2nd Ranked alliance. Their third partner robot unfortunately did not function properly, which caused them to lose as semi-finalists in their division. By the end of it, RHS Robotics was awarded with the Quality Award, which celebrates the robot’s machine robustness and machining. There were only 8 Quality Awards given out across the 600 teams who attended the World Championship.

Their 2024 season was dedicated to Isaac Harrington, a former beloved NUTRONs alumni and coach who passed away after a courageous battle with Leukemia in December.

According to his former teammates, “Isaac was the model NUTRON in every single way. He was one of the most dedicated students to come through our program and was fearless in his pursuit of gaining knowledge around robotics and computer science. Isaac was the lead programmer and operator of our 2022 robot “Freefall”. His dedication to the robot and team helped to lead our 2022 season into one of the best we ever had. 125 was fortunate to receive an Innovation in Control award at the Championship in 2022 and that was 100% due to Isaac’s passion and leadership in controls. Our team and community has an unfillable hole without him around. The NUTRONs are dedicating our 2024 FRC season to Isaac, and the rest of our lives trying to live up to the standard he created for us.”

To learn more about the NUTRONs and their amazing work, visit their website at www.nutrons.com.

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