ZBA Issues Variances for Campbell Ave. Duplexes

The Revere Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) held its regular monthly meeting last Wednesday, March 27, in the City Councillor Joseph A. DelGrosso City Council Chamber. On hand for the brief (eight minutes) session were chair Michael Tucker and fellow members Aklog Limeneh, James O’Brien, John Lopes, and Arthur Pelton.

The agenda consisted of only one item, an application from MJM Real Estate Holdings, LLC, 193 Crescent Avenue, requesting the following variances from the ZBA to enable MJM to construct three duplex dwellings on Lots 115, 116, and 117 on Campbell Ave.:

1. Revere Revised Ordinances (RRO) Section 17.16.040 with respect to minimum area requirement of 6,000 s.f. and frontage requirement of 60 feet for duplex dwellings within the Residential B (RB) District;

2. RRO Section 17.24.010 with respect to minimum front yard setback requirement of 20 feet within the RB District;

3. RRO Section 17.24.010 with respect to minimum side yard setback requirement of 10 feet (each side) within the RB District;

4. RRO Section 17.24.010 with respect to maximum building coverage requirement of 30% within the RB District;

5. RRO Section 17.24.010 with respect to maximum requirement of 2 1/2 stories within the RB District; and

6. RRO Section 17.24.070 (A) (4) with respect to minimum requirement of 40% landscaping within the front yard within the RB District.

Rick Salvo from the firm of Engineering Alliance, LLC, in Saugus, presented the application. He explained that these are three vacant lots consisting of 5191 sq. ft each with 50 feet of frontage.

“These lot shapes are unique and the topography features a 20-foot drop from the front to the rear,” said Salvo. “There will be a tremendous amount of fill needed because of the soil conditions. The buildings have been designed to fit into the topography.”

Ward 2 City Councillor Ira Novoselsky spoke in favor of the proposal.

“I’ve lived in this area for more than 70 years and there used to be homes on these lots, but the lots have been vacant for more than 50 years. We had a neighborhood meeting and sent out emails to the homeowners and individual tenants. We only had six people show up and there was nobody against it.

“I am in favor of it and have worked with the developer on the design,” Novoselsky continued. “The direct abutters behind the lots on No. Shore Rd. were delighted because the design of the lots will prevent runoff from coming onto their land.”

A representative from Atlas Auto Body, which is located on No. Shore Rd., said the water issue always has been a problem. “We’re very happy to see this land is being developed,” he said. “The water has been an issue for many years and we’re excited that this issue now will be addressed.”

There were no opponents and the members unanimously approved the application.The ZBA’s next meeting is set for April 24 if there are any applications filed in time for that date.

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