VFW Seeking Permit To Rent Parking Spaces

By Adam Swift

The Beachmont VFW Post on Bennington Street is looking to generate revenue by renting out parking spaces in its lot.

The VFW is seeking a special permit from the City Council to allow the rental of 22 of its 73 spaces at 150 Bennington St.

If approved, those spaces would likely be used for the construction vehicles and employees working at the new apartment development at 93 Bennington St. That construction project is expected to last for up to three years, according to VFW Post quartermaster Jerry Goodwin.

The proposal will be before the council’s zoning subcommittee on Dec. 4 before coming back before the full council for a potential vote on the special permit request.

“As you know, civic organizations really struggle financially, especially in these times, and this would be a way for them to generate some new revenue,” said project engineer Rick Salvo. “This wouldn’t be adding any parking and there would be no construction proposed as part of this, we would simply block off 22 of the parking spaces and rent them to someone in need of parking.”

For the foreseeable future, those spaces would likely be rented for use for the nearby construction project.

“That would get those trades off the road and give them a place to park during the day when they are working,” said Salvo. “This would be a way for (the VFW post) to generate some much needed revenue and be able to continue to do the good things they do for the community.”

While there have been upgrades at the VFW function hall and business has picked up over the past two years, Goodwin said it is still a struggle for the non-profit to make money and the parking spaces would help generate some much-needed revenue.

Arcadia Street resident Anthony Parziale said the proposal would help the VFW post, and help keep construction trucks out of residential neighborhoods.

Council President Pro Tem Joanne McKenna said she believes the proposal would be great for the VFW. However, she said she would like to see the post clean up some concrete and rocks that have been on the property for close to a year.

Goodwin said he has been trying to get the contractor to pick up the debris. He added that if necessary, the leasing of the parking spaces would generate revenue so that the post could take care of the issue itself.

Several councillors also asked about the specifics of the leasing and if there would be overnight parking.

Goodwin said the plan for now is to use the spaces for the construction workers, and that if it continues to lease the spaces long term, to try to rent the spaces only during daytime hours.

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