Council Sends Fireworks Ordinance to Legislative Affairs

By Adam Swift

The City Council’s legislative affairs committee is scheduled to discuss a revised citywide fireworks ordinance introduced by Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino at its next meeting on Monday afternoon.

“I filed this ordinance change to get onto the books an ordinance relative to banning fireworks,” said Serino. “Right now, fireworks are banned in the city of Revere and they are banned statewide, but our city ordinance doesn’t really speak to any penalties or anything simply beyond just simply the fact that they are not to be shot off in city limits.”

Under the proposed ordinance change, there would be a penalty of $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, and $150 for subsequent offenses for anyone who has fireworks “in their possession or under their control, or whoever shall use or explode or cause to explode any fireworks.”

During last week’s council meeting, Serino showed several photos of the debris left behind from fireworks in the St. Mary’s parking lot on the morning of July 5.

“Our DPW guys had to go down there and clean up what members of the public just blatantly trashed and left in our community and across the city,” said Serino.

In addition to creating safety hazards, Serino said the proliferation of fireworks, especially around the Fourth of July, causes pollution throughout the city.

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto commended Serino for introducing the ordinance change and said he supported it 100 percent.

Councillor-at-Large Steve Morabito, who chairs the legislative affairs committee, said he expects there to be a lot of discussion about the proposal.

Morabito also said he would like to see the city institute an anonymous tip line so people could report instances of illegal fireworks.

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