Rosanio, Senn Receive Choreography Awards at Starpower Regional Competition

The Sheila Rosanio Dance Studio has amassed numerous national and regional dance championship trophies during Rosanio’s spectacular career.

But the most recent awards were doubly meaningful because Rosanio and her own goddaughter, Jasmine Senn, received two of the most prestigious honors at the event.

Representing the popular dance studio on Washington Avenue at the Starpower Talent Regionals in Lowell, Senn received the Choreography teacher’s award for the 11-and-under division in recognition of her team’s lyrical dance to the song, “Daisies.”

Senn’s dance team earned first place overall in its category, first overall high score, the choreography award, the regional title, and a Golden Ticket to the world dance championships.

For Senn, the awards rekindled memories when she was a dancer training under Rosanio’s tutelage.

“I started dancing here when I was 3,” said Senn, 28, who is teacher and choreographer at the dance studio. “I would not be half the woman I am without Sheila, not only as my god mom, but as my teacher, my coach, and my life mentor.”

Rosanio remembers Senn’s talent and determination as a young dancer. “She and her teams always did exceptionally well. She went to college for dance at Salem State University and received degrees in dance and businesss,” said Rosanio. “I was so proud of her at Starpower. Choreography awards are the teachers’ awards and they’re very prestigious, and this was Jasmine’s first.”

“It was exciting to win my first big award,” said Jasmine.

Individual honors for the dance studio owner

Rosanio’s dance team was first overall and recorded the highest score in the competition. But Rosanio also struck gold individually with the Entertainment and Choreography Awards (for her lyrical routine, Vendetta).

“It was cool for everyone, teachers and students, because since COVID-19, this was our  first real competition,” said Rosanio. “It was the first time they danced without masks in over two years.”

This weekend, the Sheila Rosanio Dance Studio Express returns to Lowell for the Kids Artistic Revue.

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